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Vector Artwork: We accept Adobe Illustrator EPS, AI, or PDF files. We do not accept Corel Draw or Quark Xpress files. Please be sure to convert all fonts to outlines or paths.

Raster Artwork: We accept Adobe PhotoShop PSD, JPEG, TIFF, or GIF files. It's recommend that raster files are at least 300 dpi to assure quality printing. We will not be responsible the quality of printing for low reslolution artwork.

Sending Artwork: You may submit artwork to us by using our upload utility to the right. >>


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Artwork Guidelines
We know you want a quality product with a clean, sharp imprint. The finished product can only be as good as the artwork provided. In an effort to produce your order, our art department needs your help in adhering to our art requirements. Here are the file types we accept and what works best.

Art is print-ready if
• it’s in black and white
• it has sharp, clean lines
• it requires no retouching
• it’s complete with text and graphics
• it’s resolution is at least 600 DPI
• it’s a vector file with fonts outlined

Submit artwork to:  art@resellersline.com. Please include your company name and PO# in the subject line. When submitting your order via email, please include a JPG for viewing.

Accepted Formats: We accept EPS, AI, PDF, TIF, PSD, and JPG files. Resolution for all raster elements or files must be 600 DPI or greater at printed size. Images from the web are usually 72 DPI which is not acceptable for printing. 

Unaccepted Formats: We do not accept Microsoft Word, Publisher or Power Point files. Nor do we accept files from InDesign, QuarkXPress, Pagemaker or any other page layout programs. Attention CorelDraw users: Please export files as AI before sending. 

Color: Please send your art with CMYK Black representing your imprint color. Please do not use your imprint color in the artwork, unless it is a 2-color image.

Typesetting: We will set up to six lines of straight line type at no charge. There will be an art charge of $30(g) to set arched type or to do custom layouts and may require additional time.

Fonts: Do not send artwork with “live” type. Please be sure all text is converted to outlines, curves or paths.

Proofs:We must have a printable art approval before the order can be go to production. Proofs will be emailed. 

Changes: Changes made to your artwork after your proof has been sent will incur art charges and will require additional time.

Type and Line Weights: We guarantee lines and gaps as small as .5 point will print cleanly and type 7 points and larger will print legibly on all of our products except item#MEGACC. Our minimums for that product are 1.5 point lines and gaps and 12 point and larger type.

2-Color Imprints: For two color imprints we must have vector art files with spot colors. Two color art is available on select items and subject to review.

Imprint Locations: Unless specified on your PO all orders will be printed one side only. Many products offer 2-sided imprint at no additional charge.

Questions: If you have a question about your artwork, please call customer service before emailing your artwork to the art department.

Art Charges: 
Are $60(g) per hour, 1/2 hour minimum. Things we charge for are…
• Arched type
• Retouching unusable art
• Redrawing art
• Scanning art
• Custom layouts
any of these services may delay your order.

Art Services: If your art does not meet our requirements, there are many art services accessible through the internet that can help you. We would be happy to assist you with art services at our $60(g) per hour art charge rate (1/2 hour minimum).

Templates: Templates for all of our products are available for download on that product’s page on our website, www.megafastline.com.

Art Terminology: We realize that artwork and the terminology used can be a little confusing. Maybe this basic information can clear up a few mysteries.

Vector Art: Native files from Adobe Illustrator & CorelDraw are vector art. Vector art will reproduce cleanly at any size because it is created by outlines, not dots (see example below). Vector art is the ideal format for screen printing and pad printing.

Resolution: Raster art files are resolution dependent. The greater “dots per inch” (DPI) an image contains, the higher the resolution is and the better it will look. Native files from Adobe Photoshop are raster files. A minimum of 600 DPI is required for raster images. Images taken from the web are typically low resolution and not acceptable.

Gradients & Halftones: While solid black and solid white artwork is preferred, we do accept halftone or black and white photographic images. Image must be 600 DPI or greater at full size. Please contact the factory for art pre-approval. We reserve the right to refuse artwork that we do not feel will produce a quality product. Due to the nature of halftone images, please note that there may be slight variations in the artwork when printed and that imprints may vary from piece to piece.


Wrap Around Imprint: Many of our products offer a wrap around imprint area. This means that artwork can “wrap” around the product. Note that artwork does not wrap completely around a product and that there will be a minimum of .25” gap. Please make sure to note on our PO if you would like your artwork to be a wrap. Otherwise, all artwork will be printed one-sided.